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PARU is an organic pop-up tea bar. Our aim is to educate people on the benefits of teas by offering modern twists on traditional drinks. We've designed our menu with aromatic flavors, and we use fresh and organic ingredients for energy boosts throughout the day.

All of our dried teas are carefully crafted and hand-blended proudly in San Diego, California. Visit us at

Top Staff Tea Picks

We asked everyone on our staff to pick their favorite Paru tea and explain why they love it. As it turns out, these teas are pretty meaningful to us.


  Amy, CEO + Founder

Amy, CEO + Founder

I love the simplicity and the story behind Saigon Breakfast. It goes beyond my Vietnamese ancestry and to the entire country of Vietnam. It’s very special to me.

I created Blue Chamomile because my favorite color is blue. I think it has a really cool aesthetic value, and it’s relaxing. When you add the lemon to turn it purple it gives it a bonus magical effect. I’m really into the visuals and the colors of all my teas, so in some ways I like to think of it as a crowd-pleaser.

  Lani, Marketing Content Manager

Lani, Marketing Content Manager

I like frills on clothes and desserts, but not so much in beverages. I look for subtle flavors. I think I like testing my palate in that way. When a tea or coffee is laced with other ingredients like sugar, I feel like I’m not really tasting the base.

My favorite Paru teas are Hojicha, which offers a nice nutty flavor, and Moriuchi Sencha, which is mild enough for me to enjoy multiple cups of without getting jittery. I usually enjoy them with my favorite desserts, lavender chocolate chip cookies and choux pastries, or after a meal to help improve digestion. I also really love our Organic Matcha, but I reserve this one for tea ceremonies.

When it’s late and I can’t have caffeine, I prepare a cup of Spring Verbena. The aroma alone can be very healing, especially after a long day.

Summer 2018 Intern Favorites

  Vianney, a.k.a "V"

Vianney, a.k.a "V"

Chai is my all-time favorite tea. I really love the Coconut Chai because of its raw coconut, which gives it a tangy island spin. I always drink it as an iced latte and add almond milk. It’s just better cold and good for drinking it throughout the day. It helps me with leaning off the coffee, since it has no caffeine.

My other favorite Paru tea is Blue Chamomile, which is caffeine-free and great for getting ready for bed. I also love the assortment because the flowers themselves are really pretty. I love how the colors of the water change, since the more you steep it, the more blues come out of it. Overall I love it because chamomile isn’t usually blue. The butterfly pea flower is amazing.



One week Amy had Earl Grey Lavender in a growler in the office fridge and I couldn’t stop drinking it. It was absolutely delicious. It had a little bit of sugar and lemon in it so it was similar to an Arnold Palmer, which I have never actually had. I usually never drink caffeine, but I'm a sucker enough for sweet, delicate flavors that I made an exception. I also love the combination of flavors in Citrus Mint. They’re both distinctive but also go together perfectly in a tart, summery way. It’s a very San Diego flavor.



I really like the flavor and the color of Blue Chamomile. It’s very simple but at the same time, elevated. It’s a unique blend and I think that’s something I really like about Paru: the aesthetic is something I’ve never experienced before. Likewise, Black Hibiscus has a very complex flavor profile and it’s great iced. It’s a little bit tart but very flavorful.

Art of Tea Blending Experience

We always have such a great time hosting our San Diego Art of Tea Blending experience. We walk through our attendees with a basic tea tasting and then reintroduce everyone with various herbs and spices we curated to make their own custom blend of tea to take home. Sharing tea with the community is such an incredible experience and we feel so lucky to have the opportunity to do so. Below is a video we captured of our special moment together. Thank you to the wonderful group who came and a special thank you to our collaborators that also made it possible and beautiful!:

Tea by the Sea Vintage, AHR Florals, Domaine Sante, Naked Cake Farm

A beautiful Sunday afternoon tea experience where attendees learn the basics of brewing a cup of tea and made a custom tea blend. Learn more at:

Save The Date! Art of Tea Blending Workshop

We're excited to announce that we are doing another tea blending workshop and is back by popular demand! We're hosting our 2nd tea blending workshop at The Little Black House, on Sunday, March 18, 2018.

Together we will go through a few recommended preparation methods, then enjoy a tasting. After you are more familiar with the different flavor profiles, we will help you create your own blends. Each participant will take home a custom tea blend, which makes up to 20 cups. Makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one. Light bites will be provided.

Limited to 14 seats. Invite your friends and make new ones! Purchase tickets here. 

Time & Location

March 18, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.—12:30 p.m. PDT

The Little Black House, 2314 India St, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

Tickets $35. 


Coconut Chai - Founder's Picks

Love how our Coconut Chai tea made it to Micro Meet Up Founder's Pick for the month of January! We love being a part of your daily self love and care routine. the coconut chai is made up of entirely free of any artificial or "natural" flavors. It's hand blended with organic South African rooibos, raw coconut shavings, cardamom and ginger root. What's not to love about this blend along with other beauty favorites? Get our Coconut Chai here. 


Paru x Art Produce: Local Community Urban Farming

We're so excited to announce our #community partnership with Art Produce! Art produce is a non-profit community cultural center that connects artists, cultural organizations, schools, urban farmers and businesses. The Art Produce Garden has a sustainable rainwater catchment  and PV solar energy system that won the 2011 Orchid Award. We're teamed up with them to raise awareness and encourage sustainable practices for San Diego's community environment. We've planted and excited to grow a seasonal herb selection for our special herbal teas available here. 


Our Online Shop is now live!

More great news to announce this holiday season - after 6 months of operating as a pop-up we've opened up our organic hand blended teas to your home! Our blends are finally available online ( and we will be continually adding to our line as we create them. 

Enjpy free shipping throughout the weekend, until 11/27/17 11:59am PST.  Promo code "BFSHIP". 

Available in both loose leaf and tea sachets. Shop now here.


Newest tea mocktail! Mango Green Tea

We're excited to announce our newest drink available at our next few pop ups! Our version of a mango green tea. It's simple, fresh and crisp. Even though it's the holiday season, it's perfect for San Diego weather. This is a limited release - so catch us at our next few pop ups to get your hands on this drink! :) 

Made with our in house cold brew green iced tea with rose, a dash of lime, mango puree and pear juice. 


Tea Tasting in Tokyo

Two weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to take a brief trip to Japan, where I was able to visit a a few teahouses. I even paid a visit to a tea farm in Shizuoka, which I'll detail in a separate post!

Each tea house I visited had its own style and methods of preparation. I loved getting a little bit of inspiration from each place.

Here's a quick roundup:

1. Cha Cha no Ma

Cha Cha no Ma is tucked away on a small street in Omotesando, away from the busier parts of Harajuku. The staff spoke limited English, but they did have an English menu available. Tea tastings are by request.

For my tea-tasting experience, I chose sencha, a type of green tea made with whole tea leaves. I enjoyed five different preparations, but before that, I got to nibble on some raw tea leaves.

Highlight: Sipping on sakuya sencha cold brew from a wine glass. 

 Raw green tea leaves at Cha Cha no Ma

Raw green tea leaves at Cha Cha no Ma


Kyusu teapot, used for brewing green tea

  Sakuya   sencha  cold brew

Sakuya sencha cold brew

2. Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

Located in the fashionable Aoyama district, this greenhouse-like tea house boasts femininity and elegance, which isn't very hard with florals and tea!

They specialize in herbal flower teas. To give you a taste, one of their signature teas is Ispahan, a green and black tea blend mixed with violet and rose.

I ordered a fresh herbal tea made with rosemary, lemongrass and mint. It was light, delicate and bursting with fresh flavors.

I also tried their rose granola parfait, which featured a lovely serving of rose jelly. For you rose lovers, this is definitely the dessert for you!

Highlight: The pink Dahlia flowers in the windowsill helped create the perfect tea-tasting atmosphere.

 Aoyama Flower Market Tea House in Tokyo

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House in Tokyo

 "Refreshing blend" with fresh rosemary, lemongrass and mint

"Refreshing blend" with fresh rosemary, lemongrass and mint

 Rose granola parfait from Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

Rose granola parfait from Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

3. Tokyo Saryo

Ever try drip sencha? If not, head to Tokyo Saryo, located in Sendagaya, Shibuya. This green tea shop is fairly new to the neighborhood, but it seems to be doing quite well. The owner expressed an interest in expanding to the U.S., starting with the East Coast.

Minimalists will appreciate the simple, white decor, which adds to the sweet and simple experience. After I was seated, I was given a map, which details each tea's level of bitterness, umami and sweetness. The teas are presented side-by-side so that you can easily compare them.

Reservations recommended.

Highlight: After the tea tasting, the host asked me to choose which tea I preferred and sprinkled a special batch of genmai (roasted brown rice) over it, creating a fresh genmaicha. The presentation was absolutely stunning!

 Tokyo Saryo tea map

Tokyo Saryo tea map

 Personalized tea tasting in progress

Personalized tea tasting in progress

 Side-by-side  sencha  presentation. L: Z1 with  genmai , R: Yamanami

Side-by-side sencha presentation. L: Z1 with genmai, R: Yamanami

Paru x You & Yours Distilling Collaboration!

We had the best time with our friends at You & Yours Distilling. A night filled with great ambiance, lively company, and tea infused drinks. It was a perfect pop-up collaboration together, as we both love using fresh, simple, and thoughtful ingredients in our handcrafted drinks. We created 3 drinks together inspired by our Blue Tea, Ginger Spiced Chai and Jasmine (pictured below from left to right). 

Thanks for having us You & Yours - we'd love to be back again. :)


Start Up Talks In the Park

One of the reasons why we love tea because it builds such a great #community and sparks insightful conversation. Check out our #StartUpTalksinthePark interview at Underground Elephant last week with our founder Amy Truong. She spoke with the EVP of Marketing, Lauren Alexander and they discussed topics like why she decided to start a humble tea pop-up in San Diego and how much she saved before doing it.

Thank you guys for having us on!

Another incredible San Diego Startup founder shares her story at Underground Elephant's Startup Talks in the Park. Amy Truong opened Paru Tea Bar as a pop-up style tea bar with the goal of providing organic, specialty teas across San Diego.