paru tea bar

we proudly handcraft organic loose leaf and cold brew teas

Paru Tea Bar offers a selection of hand blended loose leaf teas and original handcrafted cold brew teas drinks. Based in San Diego, California. 

Start Up Talks In the Park

One of the reasons why we love tea because it builds such a great #community and sparks insightful conversation. Check out our #StartUpTalksinthePark interview at Underground Elephant last week with our founder Amy Truong. She spoke with the EVP of Marketing, Lauren Alexander and they discussed topics like why she decided to start a humble tea pop-up in San Diego and how much she saved before doing it.

Thank you guys for having us on!

Another incredible San Diego Startup founder shares her story at Underground Elephant's Startup Talks in the Park. Amy Truong opened Paru Tea Bar as a pop-up style tea bar with the goal of providing organic, specialty teas across San Diego.