Paru Tea Bar

San Diego Tea Bar

PARU is an organic pop-up tea bar. Our aim is to educate people on the benefits of teas by offering modern twists on traditional drinks. We've designed our menu with aromatic flavors, and we use fresh and organic ingredients for energy boosts throughout the day.

All of our dried teas are carefully crafted and hand blended proudly in San Diego, California. Visit us at

Art of Tea Blending Experience

We always have such a great time hosting our San Diego Art of Tea Blending experience. We walk through our attendees with a basic tea tasting and then reintroduce everyone with various herbs and spices we curated to make their own custom blend of tea to take home. Sharing tea with the community is such an incredible experience and we feel so lucky to have the opportunity to do so. Below is a video we captured of our special moment together. Thank you to the wonderful group who came and a special thank you to our collaborators that also made it possible and beautiful!:

Tea by the Sea Vintage, AHR Florals, Domaine Sante, Naked Cake Farm

A beautiful Sunday afternoon tea experience where attendees learn the basics of brewing a cup of tea and made a custom tea blend. Learn more at: