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Top Staff Tea Picks

We asked everyone on our staff to pick their favorite Paru tea and explain why they love it. As it turns out, these teas are pretty meaningful to us.



I love the simplicity and the story behind Saigon Breakfast. It goes beyond my Vietnamese ancestry and to the entire country of Vietnam. It’s very special to me.

I created Blue Chamomile because my favorite color is blue. I think it has a really cool aesthetic value, and it’s relaxing. When you add the lemon to turn it purple it gives it a bonus magical effect. I’m really into the visuals and the colors of all my teas, so in some ways I like to think of it as a crowd-pleaser.



I like frills on clothes and desserts, but not so much in beverages. I look for subtle flavors. I think I like testing my palate in that way. When a tea or coffee is laced with other ingredients like sugar, I feel like I’m not really tasting the base.

My favorite Paru teas are Hojicha, which offers a nice nutty flavor, and Moriuchi Sencha, which is mild enough for me to enjoy multiple cups of without getting jittery. I usually enjoy them with my favorite desserts, lavender chocolate chip cookies and choux pastries, or after a meal to help improve digestion. I also really love our Organic Matcha, but I reserve this one for tea ceremonies.

When it’s late and I can’t have caffeine, I prepare a cup of Spring Verbena. The aroma alone can be very healing, especially after a long day.


Vianney aka V

Chai is my all-time favorite tea. I really love the Coconut Chai because of its raw coconut, which gives it a tangy island spin. I always drink it as an iced latte and add almond milk. It’s just better cold and good for drinking it throughout the day. It helps me with leaning off the coffee, since it has no caffeine.

My other favorite Paru tea is Blue Chamomile, which is caffeine-free and great for getting ready for bed. I also love the assortment because the flowers themselves are really pretty. I love how the colors of the water change, since the more you steep it, the more blues come out of it. Overall I love it because chamomile isn’t usually blue. The butterfly pea flower is amazing.



I really like the flavor and the color of Blue Chamomile. It’s very simple but at the same time, elevated. It’s a unique blend and I think that’s something I really like about Paru: the aesthetic is something I’ve never experienced before. Likewise, Black Hibiscus has a very complex flavor profile and it’s great iced. It’s a little bit tart but very flavorful.



One week Amy had Earl Grey Lavender in a growler in the office fridge and I couldn’t stop drinking it. It was absolutely delicious. It had a little bit of sugar and lemon in it so it was similar to an Arnold Palmer, which I have never actually had. I usually never drink caffeine, but I'm a sucker enough for sweet, delicate flavors that I made an exception. I also love the combination of flavors in Citrus Mint. They’re both distinctive but also go together perfectly in a tart, summery way. It’s a very San Diego flavor.

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