Paru Tea Bar

San Diego Tea Bar

PARU is an organic pop-up tea bar. Our aim is to educate people on the benefits of teas by offering modern twists on traditional drinks. We've designed our menu with aromatic flavors, and we use fresh and organic ingredients for energy boosts throughout the day.

All of our dried teas are carefully crafted and hand-blended proudly in San Diego, California. Visit us at

Box Archive

October 2018


We like to think of this box as an autumn tree—the Pumpkin Spice is like the orange leaves, the dark Pu-erh is the trunk, and the Earl Grey Rooibos represents the fresh fall scent. The caramels stand for sweet Halloween nostalgia—while we are unfortunately too old for trick-or-treating, nobody is ever too old for candy.

Oolong // Pumpkin Spice // Earl Grey Rooibos // Bonus: Vegan caramels from Sugar Mamma


September 2018


This was our very first tea box after our inaugural year of pop-up events, workshops, and ecommerce. We chose our signature Blue Chamomile, the lively Ginger Spiced Chai, and earthy Hojicha to go with the warm, woodsy September atmosphere.

Ginger Spiced Chai // Blue Chamomile // Hojicha // Garnishes: cinnamon, marigold, and lemon