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Chicory Coffee

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Chicory Coffee is for coffee lovers seeking a low-caffeine alternative. Enjoy the deep, earthy flavors of India-sourced chicory root and cacao nibs, which is low in caffeine. We added cinnamon for warmth and Thai lemongrass for a refreshing brightness. If desired, prepare with a splash of milk of your choice and a teaspoon of maple syrup or agave.

Ingredients: organic chicory root, cinnamon chips, lemongrass, organic cacao nibs

Similar to decaf coffee, Chicory Coffee is low in caffeine. Each cup contains about 1–2 mg caffeine from the cacao nibs compared to about 80–100 mg caffeine from an 8-oz cup of black coffee.

Hand-blended in small batches in the PARU Tea Lab in San Diego.

Customer Reviews

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Colin A.

Best coffee alternative

savannah C.
Chicory Coffee

I really loved the smell and idea of this tea! When I went to make my first cup I was completely saddened by the unbarring bitter taste and especially for a three minute steep. I tried another cup and only steeped for 45 seconds and still even with the quick steep and milk the bitter taste came through. It smells so great but the taste is just really unappealing. I wish I liked it.

miya k.
Very cinnamon forward

Each component of this tea is amazing, but the tea was a bit too cinnamon forward for me, whereas I wanted a bit more lemongrass and a stronger roasted flavor. That's just a personal preference and some people may enjoy the cinnamon.

Vanessa M.

Chicory Coffee

Laurel N.
Tastes like dessert!

Got a sample of chicory coffee last time I ordered and tried it after lunch today. There's a hint of sweetness with a very mild cocoa flavor. Delicious!