Mini Stack (Set of 6) Unwrapped Aged Chenpi & Orange Blossom at PARU Tea Bar
Mini Stack (Set of 6) Fully Wrapped (Aged Chenpi & Orange Blossom at PARU Tea Bar)
Individual tea coin unwrapped (Aged Chenpi & Orange Blossom at PARU Tea Bar)
Individual tea coin steeped in miniature tea pot (Aged Chenpi & Orange Blossom at PARU Tea Bar)

Aged Chenpi & Orange Blossom Oolong Coins. PARU Reserve

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Only 143 mini stacks produced. This tea coin is made with two striking ingredients:

  1. a medium roast Huang Zhi Xiang (Orange Blossom or Gardenia) dancong oolong tea known for its toasty, floral notes and
  2. three-year aged chenpi, or dried tangerine peel, which adds a nice briskness to the tea

When we originally asked our friend and second-generation tea master in Guangdong to develop this tea coin, he denied our request because chenpi is typically pressed with pu'er or white teas. After giving it a try, he was delighted with the results and prepared an exclusive batch for us (and kept some for his family).

How to brew: For a lighter brew, use half the coin (Rosewood Tea Knife recommended for breaking in). For a fuller brew (recommended), use full coin. Rinse with boiling spring or filtered water, then steep for up to 45 seconds. Good for multiple steeps.

Ingredients: dried tangerine peel, oolong tea

Approx. 8 g per coin; one coin is equal to one serving

Recommended teaware: Daily GaiwanGlass Fairness Cup

More tea coins: Honey Orchid, Hong Cha (Red Tea)

Customer Reviews

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Jane K.

Aged Chenpi & Orange Blossom Oolong Coins. PARU Reserve

Dawn R.
My favorite!

I got these on a whim, and I couldn’t be happier. Truly the best oolong I have ever had. The coins are good for 2 brews, the distinct aroma & depth are divine. I’m not sure if it’s the aging process, but it completes the experience like no other.

Super special tea specialty!

I absolutely love this tea. The oolong is magical and you can taste the craft and love. The presentation feels really special, and the individual coins make it really fun to give to friends and family for a sweet afternoon tea break. The citrus is unexpected and muted in a way that makes this even better. Get your hands on this while you can.