Sweet Rice Oolong 12

Sweet Rice Oolong 12

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A velvety smooth and fragrant tea with the comforting taste of sticky rice and rice milk, this Thai oolong is reminiscent of savory-sweet homemade Southeast Asian desserts—without the added sugar. Good for 6+ infusions when brewed Gong Fu style. Recommended for fans of Jin Xuan oolong tea—also called #12—which originated in Taiwan.


  • Origin: Chiang Rai, Thailand
  • Cultivar: Jin Xuan
  • Harvest date: April 2022
  • Serving size: 4–6 g per cup
  • Temperature: 195°F / 90°C
  • Recommended vessel: gaiwan or Yixing teapot
  • Ingredients: oolong tea
  • Caffeine level: Moderate

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
My current obsession!

The sweet rice oolong has to be one of my favorites at the moment. The sweet, comforting smell of rice in the room and on my palate always feels like im being hugged by each sip. Its weird, but because of this nostalgic feeling, i only drink it at home or when i have extra time to sit and enjoy each steep. Please never discontinue this flavor, Paru family! THANK YOU for all the hard work that you guys put in!

G. S.
So refreshing

This tea offering from Paru was so good. Very refreshing and light. The natural sweetness of the tea does remind me a bit of mochi. I would highly recommend this tea.

Lucy T.
The Perfect Flavor

A subtle but potent perfume exactly as described--milky rice, almost floral. Honestly, one of my favorite teas of all time for its perfect balance.

Katharine P.
Sooo Good

I love how fresh and light the tea tasted with the rice flavor. I love oolongs and this tasted so good. Will get again.

Lindsay G.
Lovely Oolong

I am incredibly partial to oolongs, and this tea is no exception. Add it to the list of enchanting oolong teas from Paru!