Hundred-Petal Lotus Tea
Hundred-Petal Lotus Tea
Hundred-Petal Lotus Tea
Hundred-Petal Lotus Tea
Hundred-Petal Lotus Tea
Hundred-Petal Lotus Tea

Hundred-Petal Lotus Tea

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Partake in Vietnamese tradition when you sip on this special blend, a combination of wild green tea and organic hundred-petal lotus flower. Commonly used to help de-stress, this exquisite tea is ideal for incorporating into your next meditation session or celebration.


  • Origin: Ha Giang (green tea) & Hien Minh (lotus), Vietnam
  • Cultivar: Shan Tuyết
  • Artisan: Nguyen Family
  • Harvest date: Spring 2022

    Ingredients: wild green tea, lotus flowers

    Caffeine level: medium

    Tasting Notes: floral, celery, vanilla, anise


    1. Place the flower on a clean surface, then gently pull apart the petals until you see the enclosed tea leaves.

    2. Pre-heat teaware by pouring hot water into your vessel, then discarding.

    3. Add desired amount of tea (1 tsp per serving), plus a few of the small inner petals, to your teapot.

    4. Add 185°F/85°C water to tea.

    5. Steep for up to 1 min in a teapot. Adjust according to your personal preference.

    6. Pour tea into a fairness cup or pitcher before serving in cups. This will ensure an even tasting experience for all those enjoying the tea.


    Teaware not included

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Intriguing, Interactive Brew

    Drawn to the intrigue of brewing Shan Tuyết alongside actual lotus petal, unlike with simple lotus-scented green teas, I was met with a brew that provided a distinct salty/savory liquor. With floral overtones followed by a tanginess on the back of the tongue, this tea reminded me of a Korean magnolia flower tisane.

    This tea has a pleasant, clear-yellow-pink hue,

    Nicole E.
    Loved It

    I haven't tried lotus tea before, so the more savory taste was very unique, and one I enjoyed greatly. My only comment is that I wasn't entirely sure how to unravel the lotus to brew the tea at first! Maybe some slightly more detailed instructions could help with that.

    But I would definitely get it again.