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We believe that tea is an experience.

Amy Truong, PARU Founder, offering a tea flight

That's exactly why we began to offer tea flights in our shop. A tea flight includes at least three different teas. A patron might select three green teas or three oolongs, or they might take a more diverse route: an herbal tea, a green tea, and a black tea. Or they might leave it completely up to us.

The beauty of the tea flight experience is that you begin to learn more about your palette.

You might learn that you were right all along—that you like what you like (and there's nothing wrong with that). Or you might find that you're more open to verdant, or grassy, flavors than you thought.

Either way, our goal is to offer tea as an experience where you examine the leaves, take in the different aromas, sip, compare, and enjoy.

Now, you can enjoy the PARU tea flight experience anywhere.

PARU Tea Box

To begin, select one of our Tea Flight Boxes, or sign up for our Premium Tea Subscription to receive three carefully curated teas every month—no commitment needed.

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