Desk Job, Fun Times Mug Set

Desk Job, Fun Times Mug Set

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Spice up your work-life-balance with this two-in-one Kinto Unimug set. Easily steep this from your desk and let the good times brew. 


 - Kinto Unimug 

- PARU Three Tea Collection

Black: Earl Grey Lavender, Black Hibiscus, Saigon Breakfast

Green: Green Rose, Jasmine Wild, Moriuchi's Sencha

Herbal (caffeine-free): Blue Chamomile, Coconut Chai, Citrus Mint

Oolong: Iron Goddess, Golden Moon, Milk Oolong

Top 4: Saigon Breakfast, Jasmine Wild, Blue Chamomile, Iron Goddess

- Wooden spoon