House-Milled Ceremonial Matcha at PARU La Jolla in San Diego
House-Milled Ceremonial Matcha at PARU La Jolla in San Diego - Close-up
House-Milled Ceremonial Matcha at PARU La Jolla in San Diego - Whisked
House-Milled Ceremonial Matcha at PARU La Jolla in San Diego - Whisked (2)
PARU Founder Amy Truong milling matcha at PARU La Jolla
PARU Founder Amy Truong milling matcha at PARU La Jolla
PARU House-Milled Series: Ceremonial Matcha 32

PARU House-Milled Series: Ceremonial Matcha 32

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For our first original matcha blend, tea master Masa selected two cultivars: Okumidori (#32), known for its refreshing fragrance, and Samidori, appreciated for its vivid green color and umami taste. Tasting notes are savory, nutty, and smooth.

This matcha is freshly milled at PARU La Jolla. Each 30 g tin takes approximately one hour to fill. Individual pouch refills and subscription coming soon. 


  • Origin: Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan
  • Cultivars: Okumidori, Samidori
  • Artisan: Masa
  • Mill date: Typically within 1–2 weeks of ship or pickup date

Ingredients: matcha (organic ground green tea from tencha)

Caffeine level: moderate



  • Heat 2 oz (¼ cup) spring or filtered water to 175°F / 79°C. If preparing an iced version, you may use cool or cold water.
  • Sift ½ tsp (2–3 g) matcha into chawan (matcha bowl) or katakuchi (spouted bowl), then slowly pour in water.
  • Whisk briskly in a zig-zag motion for 15 sec or until froth appears. Alternatively, you may use an electric frother in a tall beaker.
  • Top with about 6 oz water.


    • Follow steps 1–3 for USUCHA.
    • Pour matcha into cup or glass along with 1 tsp maple syrup (optional).
    • Warm ¾ cup (6 oz) your choice of milk and add to matcha.


    • Follow steps 1–3 for USUCHA.
    • Fill cup with ice, Add ¾ cup (6 oz) your choice of milk (cold or room temperature).
    • Top with tea and gently swirl.

    About matcha (抹茶)

    Matcha is made from finely ground shade-grown tea leaves called "tencha." It contains about three times the antioxidants of regular green tea and is an excellent source for powerful catechins such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that are believed to have cleansing, anti-viral effects

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Stephanie J.

    I will be getting all my matcha from you from now on. :)

    Jad V.
    Excellent Quality Matcha

    This is an excellent matcha. It produces a nice uniform foam upon whisking and has a bright fresh flavor with floral and grassy notes. It finishes with a bit of astringency and bitterness that is not overwhelming and I find it well balanced for drinking as a pure matcha. It is on the expensive side but is much better than most of the match available by mail. I recommend consuming it quickly as it’s fresh nature means you will notice it fade over time more quickly than matcha that has already sat around a month or more before it ever gets to you. This match is still quite good but I find it at its best in the first 2 weeks or so after mill date.

    Christie C.
    Smooth and Earthy

    I recently switched over from coffee to matcha, so I am still new to understanding and appreciating the quality and flavors between matcha grades. I am also still new to the preparation of matcha (and teas in general)—still working on my whisking and frothing abilities!

    Firstly, I have found that the switch from coffee to matcha has been welcome! My gut thanks me, and my productivity has improved. I never truly understood the power of matcha, but I realized it was because of the quality of the matcha I was drinking (too much added sugar from store bought lattes, additives to the powder, poor storage, etc.) I’m happy to continue to support PARU for my matcha supply.

    Secondly, I purchased both the premium grade powder and the ceremonial, house-mill. I’m so happy I have both. The ceremonial is lovely. It has a balanced and smooth, earthy taste. This is the first thing I drink (and look forward to) to get my workday started. Throughout the day, I shift to the premium powder so I can make lattes. I really like the sweetness and subtle nuttiness with this powder. It blends well with my milk alternatives (almond and coconut).

    I intend to keep my supplies up monthly and I’m wondering if there could be a matcha-specific monthly subscription? I’d love to invest into that!

    Kaye C.
    Paru House-Milled Matcha

    A favorite. I love matcha and this is one of the best matcha I’ve ever tried. Refreshing and well-balanced. 💚

    Terri T.
    Best matcha from US merchany

    I ordered this matcha because fresh matcha is so difficult to buy from US merchants. The ceremonial grade is delicious with a surprising sweetness and depth of flavor. I mailed a sample to my sado teacher who is from Agui Japan and she used it in her class today with excellent reviews! We are so happy to be able to get fresh and delicious matcha so easily!