Japanese Craft Pop-Up | Kazu Oba

Functional Ceramics for Everyday Use

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Friday-Saturday, July 19-20, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
With special co-host Entoten

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Ceramic artist Kazu Oba of Colorado will be presenting his ceramic works at PARU with live demonstrations and a special display for your viewing and shopping pleasure. Initially working as a kitchen cook for 15 years, it was during that time when he started paying attention to the vessels on which his food was being served. To create appropriate vessels that he desired for the food he prepared, he became a potter and apprenticed under Nakazato Takashi, master potter from Karatsu, Japan. Kazu’s creations appear quiet and modest at first glance. But as soon as they are used, you will quickly recognize that they are carefully crafted to enhance the food placed in them.

Unable to attend? Visit Kazu online to learn about his history and to view more of their work.


About Entoten

Ai Kanazawa is the owner of Entoten, an online shop and blog based in San Diego, California. Ai writes about craft and introduces their beauty in the context of daily use. She believes that the language of craft connects people between cultures and history.

Above images by Tomoko Matsubayashi and Entoten

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Born in Kobe, Kazu Oba spent his early years in Japan. He moved to Colorado in the 90's and has called the Boulder area home ever since. He has continued to travel throughout the world for assistantships, workshops, and exhibitions. Kazu apprenticed under two masters, Jerry Wingren, a sculptor in stone and wood, then another master Takashi Nakazato, one of the world's most renowned potters from Karatsu, one of the ceramic centers of Japan. Kazu's pottery is dedicated to functional, everyday ware to be used in home. His background as a chef distinctly influences his work, as he maintains a constant focus on the relationship between his pots and the food that will occupy them.