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PARU Iced Tea Collection
PARU Iced Tea Collection
PARU Iced Tea Collection

PARU Iced Tea Collection

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Our Iced Tea Collection is the best way to experience our range of iced teas, from mellow Blue Chamomile to refreshing and tart Black Hibiscus.

Each box comes with our 5 Best-Loved iced teas (2 sachets of each type, or 10 sachets total). Our sachets are hand-packed and pre-portioned to make it easy for you to brew your iced tea.

Box Includes:

- 2 x Blue Chamomile (Herbal)

- 2 x Jasmine Wild (Green)

- 2 x Honey Orchid (Oolong)

- 2 x Lemon Lychee (Black)

- 2 x Black Hibiscus (Black)

- 1 x Citrus Garnish (dried lemon + orange slices) to infuse in your iced tea

+ Optional add-on:

Iced KaKu Tea Bottle


Cold Brew Method

We highly recommend that you use our cold brew method. This will help extract the sweetness of the tea leaves using time rather than temperature to release the flavors.

1. Add 1 sachet or measure out 1/2 cup of loose leaf tea of your choice to a 32oz pitcher.
Note: When cold brewing, simply double the amount of loose leaf tea you’d use for hot preparation.
2. Fill pitcher with room temperature or cold water.
3. Leave in the fridge for at least 6-8 hours or overnight.
*Optional Iced Tea Fun*
4. Use a cocktail shaker to shake your iced tea. This will make it extra cold and frothy.
5. Add garnishes like our dried lemon slices to your tea or our lavender sugar on the rim.
6. Pour and enjoy!

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