Sakura Tea Bundle (3 Teas)
1989 Flower Market - Sakura Tea at PARU Tea
Sakura-cha (Cherry Blossom Tea) at PARU Tea
Hanadoki Tea (Sencha with Cherry Blossoms) at PARU Tea

Sakura Tea Bundle (3 Teas)

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This year, we've experimented with more than 10 different sakura-based blends and are bringing you the three that stood out most to us.

Two of our blends are non-caffeinated so that you can enjoy multiple infusions in the evening. 1989 FLOWER MARKET offers soothing herbaceous notes while SAKURA-CHA brings a pure cherry blossom taste enhanced with only sugar. The third, HANADOKI, is moderately caffeinated and features a clean sencha (classic green tea) from Shizuoka.

Our hope is to bring you unique ways to enjoy these beautiful flowers, now and long after the spring season has gone.

Each tea/tisane is available for individual purchase. While supplies last.


1989 FLOWER MARKET - Loose Leaf - 0.5 oz / 14 g

Bright verbena and nutty amaranth complement yae-zakura (double-layer cherry blossoms) and wild mint in this comforting herbal blend. The blossoms and mint are from the town of Wazuka, just south of Kyoto, where they were picked, dried, and roasted, while the amaranth comes from the mountainous province of Hunan. Enjoy hot or iced.

Ingredients: cherry blossom petals and leaves, verbena, wild mint, amaranth


SAKURA-CHA - Loose Leaf - 3 oz / 85 g

Regarded as a poetic symbol of Japan, sakura blossoms also make an exquisite tea. sourced from Odawara, Kanagawa, and preserved in sugar rather than salt, the blossoms do wonderful work in Imparting a lingering sweetness.

Ingredients: dried cherry blossom petals, sugar


HANADOKI - Loose Leaf - 1.5 oz / 42 g

Hanadoki means flowering season, and we've prepared the perfect blend to celebrate. Cherry blossom petals from Odawara, Kanagawa, soften up Moriuchi's Sencha, a classic green tea from our friend's farm in Shizuoka, while red rose petals add a depth of flavor.

Ingredients: green tea, dried cherry blossom petals, dried rose petals

Caffeine level: Moderate

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Laura A.
Great gift!

The Sakura tea set was a great option for a thoughtful gift that really keeps in giving. Thank you

Absolutely Lovely!

I loved this bundle! Each of the teas conjures up a springtime mood in its own way. The Hanadoki is delicately floral, with a moderate amount of caffeine—perfect for afternoon doldrums. The 1989 Flower Market is comforting and summery, and particularly good iced. My personal favourite, the Sakura Cha, is sweet without being cloying, with a nice—but not overpowering—cherry flavour. It’s a tea that you really want to linger with, and is unlike any other tea I’ve had in memory. Each tea individually is VERY good, but having them together brings out different elements of the cherry blossom. The set has expanded my horizons in the most delightful way.

S. C.
Beautiful Tea Set

The Sakura Tea Bundle is a great set that focuses on bringing out the flavor of the sakura blossoms. Each tea blend is unique, highlighting the blossoms in different ways, from a green tea blend to a tisane. Highly recommend!