Paru Tea Bar

San Diego Tea Bar

PARU is an organic pop-up tea bar. Our aim is to educate people on the benefits of teas by offering modern twists on traditional drinks. We've designed our menu with aromatic flavors, and we use fresh and organic ingredients for energy boosts throughout the day.

All of our dried teas are carefully crafted and hand-blended proudly in San Diego, California. Visit us at

Tea subscription faqs


When will my box ship?

Your 1st box will ship within 3 days after you place the order. Your subsequent boxes will be shipped after a month from your last shipment date.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Please write to us at so we can confirm the cancellation of your account. 

How does Tea Club Subscription plan work?

1. You select whether you'd like our tea of the month or your choice of favorite tea each month. 

2. You place your order.

3. Your order will be shipped to you within 3 days.

4. Based on your payment cycle, your card will be charged for subscription renewals till you cancel.

5. Every month you’ll be notified on the charges and shipments.

6. For any other query or concern, you can reach out to us at