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Made with Shan Tuyết ("Snow Mountain"), or leaves from ancient tea trees, and oxidized to about 80%, this black tea produces tantalizing notes of cocoa and sweet fruit. It is one of the most popular in Phin Ho Village, where it is grown and hand-picked by Dao people. We recommend enjoying it in a glass or light-colored cup to fully appreciate its beautiful copper-mahogany color.


  • Origin: Phin Ho Village, Hà Giang Province, Vietnam
  • Cultivar: Shan Tuyết
  • Artisan:  Ly Choi Nhan
  • Process date: March 2022
  • Serving size: 2–4 g per cup; 6-8 g for standard teapot
  • Recommended vessel: gaiwan or miniature teapot

Ingredient(s): wild black tea

Caffeine level: high

What is a reserve tea? Reserve teas are teas that are offered in limited quantities due to the availability of the tea itself. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lawrence J.
Caramel Red

Great tasting tea. I like to have it in the morning with a splash of milk. It’s also very nice neat. Highly recommend this tea for tea lovers.

Robust and Charming

This tea — indeed, a beautiful mahogany — is notable for pairing a bold oak/smoke body with a comparably dark stone fruit profile I likened to cherry or apricot. A light, dry mouthfeel lent itself well to a mid-morning pick up for me at work.

Additionally, I found it intriguing to taste Caramel Red and Signature Breakfast in comparison, pondering their differences in flavor and color — perhaps, owing to differing dates of harvest?

miya k.
Caramel Red

I spent about 30 min smelling and resmelling all tea options and decided on caramel red. I wanted something deep and strong for early mornings. It was exactly that.

Reginald W.
Good product

Very lovely taste.