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Signature Breakfast

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The main difference between this tea and other breakfast teas is that this one is single origin, sourced straight from the high mountains of Hà Giang, Vietnam. High-mountain tea is known for its great mouthfeel. You’ll still get the strength you’d expect in a breakfast tea but after multiple steeps, you’ll notice some honey-like notes. Drink straight or with frothed milk.


  • Origin: Phin Ho, Hà Giang, Vietnam
  • Elevation: 1300m
  • Cultivar: Shan Tuyết
  • Artisan: Ly Choi Nhan
  • Harvest Date: June 18, 2022

Ingredients: black tea

Caffeine level: high

Customer Reviews

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Julian F.
A PARU review - Written by Julian

Hi! Personally, I thought it tasted fine! I don’t know, it kind of tasted like the previous one I had, Okinawa sugar. Both reds, so that’s mainly why. But really, that’s a problem on my part. I’m still new to tea, so I can’t really pick up on any subtle notes or flavors. It can also be the water that I use. If you don’t mind me asking, could you tell me what water you use to brew your tea? Anyway, I just wish I can actually *get* tea, y’know? Other than that, everything else is great!

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Lawrence J.
Signature Breakfast Tea

Great tasting tea. I like this tea in the morning, a little strong with a splash of milk. Goes well with breakfast and reading the newspaper. Paru teas are the best and I am glad we stumble upon your tea store when we were visiting San Diego.

Paula S.
Good Breakfast Tea

This breakfast tea is really quite good. It doesn’t have the same profile (which is what I was hoping) as my very favourite Paru tea - Saigon Breakfast. The tea is smooth and mellow for a breakfast tea. It does have a slight aftertaste I can’t identify. Still, it’s lovely.

Emma S.


An Appropriate Breakfast Tea

This tea is mellow and smooth, with an oak-to-stone flavor profile and possibly a tangy finish if you labor over your cup.

Perhaps perfect for the innate morning person or those who like to spend time waking up. I can see myself easing into a weekend with this, but it is not for those looking for the shock and malty oomph I am fond of in, say, an Irish breakfast tea.