Honey Orchid (Mi Lan Xiang)
Honey Orchid (Mi Lan Xiang)

Honey Orchid (Mi Lan Xiang)

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Song Lin's Honey Orchid (Mi Lan Xiang) leads with distinct notes of lychee, stone fruit, and magnolia. Harvested in May 2023, this batch offers a sweeter, fruitier cup than previous years due to good weather.


  • Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China
  • Elevation: 500 m
  • Cultivar: Mi Lan Xiang
  • Artisan: Song Lin
  • Harvest date: May 2023
  • Serving size: 3 g per cup
  • Recommended vessel: gaiwan, Yixing teapot, or miniature teapot

Ingredient(s): oolong tea

Caffeine level: moderate

What is a reserve tea? Reserve teas are teas that are offered in limited quantities due to the availability of the tea itself. 

Customer Reviews

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Lior R.

Honey Orchid (Mi Lan Xiang)

My desert island Oolong!

If I had to choose to drink only one Oolong for the rest of my life, this would be a top contender! With sweet floral notes reminiscent of a red or purple tea, this Oolong has it all! Steep after steep the flavors unfold and transform, lifting and smelling the lid of my Gaiwan reveals a intoxicating blend of spring flowers, juicy fruits, and finally that grounded nutty warmth that is present in all great Oolongs.
This is a tea I save for special occasions to be shared with friends and people who truly appreciate the joy of tea!

So Tasty!

This is honestly the one tea I always come back to! Steep after steep, it develops and gets better.

Grace F.T.
My Favorite Tea of All Time

I'm not an oolong fan, but I had this blend at the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Japanese Friendship Garden and I was HOOKED. When I finished my first batch back in 2021 and tried to buy again I was so sad they didn't have it. Years later, it is finally back and you DON'T want to miss out on this experience. Actually give strong notes of honey, and I add a little extra to really bring out the flavor. Still my favorite to this day and now my family and partner love it too!