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Jasmine Wild

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This classic tea is so named because of the way the leaves grow—on wild tea trees in the Hà Giang province of Vietnam. The tea and flowers are hand picked in spring and summer, their own respective peak seasons, and carefully blended. Steep for an opulent tea that evokes a nostalgic feeling.


  • Origin: Tam Đường, Lai Châu, Vietnam
  • Elevation: 1200m
  • Cultivar: Shan Tuyết
  • Artisan: Ngu Than
  • Harvest Date: May 2023

Ingredients: green tea, jasmine blossoms

Caffeine level: moderate

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jason F.
I wanted to like it because its so fragrant…..

But it doesn’t go down smooth. It has a slight bitter and harsh taste. My favorite is still the Lemon Lychee.

Heather V.
bright and smooth

I love this jasmine tea. its bright and fresh and very smooth. Its one of the lightest and smoothest jasmine green teas I've ever had. Great store, and they serve a can't miss it matcha in store!

Stephen W.S.

Love the store and the teas in general. Personally, I far prefer the taste of the oolong teas to the Jasmine Wild

Sam E.

Love the Jasmine wild. I really like fragrant teas and this one is great but not too overpoweringly flowery. Amy and everyone does a great job at curating the teas and this one is no exception!

Love it

Very drinkable. My go-to for every day. Light but with dimension.