Mainichi ("Everyday") Sencha
Mainichi ("Everyday") Sencha

Mainichi ("Everyday") Sencha

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Sencha is a classic green tea known for its clean, crisp taste. Its steaming process brings out a savory quality known as "umami.” This year’s batch offers notes of sweet asparagus. To appreciate its complexity, pair it with seafood, vegetable dishes, or rich, creamy desserts.

*Please note this is a seasonal tea as pricing will vary each year. 


  • Origin: Nara, Japan
  • Elevation: 450 m
  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Artisan: Taro Toki
  • Harvest date: May 2023
  • Serving size: 4 g per cup
  • Recommended vessel: kyusu (“teapot” in Japanese)
  • JAS Organic Certified 

Ingredient(s): green tea

Caffeine level: moderate 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Aarathi S.

Mainichi ("Everyday") Sencha, PARU Tea Garden

Delicious sencha

I lived in Japan for several years and have high expectations for green tea. The mainichi sencha is a tasty and subtle everyday green tea that does not disappoint. I will definitely be ordering more of it.

Peter C.
Not as “umami” as I would have liked

Was looking for a sencha that had a nice kick of umami. Wanted to support a local business so I gave this a shot. The tea itself is not bad, but I found it lacked the umami that was written about in the description. Maybe I need to specifically find a “fukamushi” sencha next time. Otherwise, still good tea and I still love Paru!

Jessy C.
A great daily drinker

This has been my go to Sencha for a tea break. It has a wonderful umami taste with hints of sweetness to it making it great to pair with a variety of snacks.