Champagne Oolong, also known as Oriental Beauty or Dong Fang Mae Ren, at PARU. View of wet and dry leaves, plus liquor.

Champagne Oolong (Dong Fang Mei Ren)

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Grown and oxidized to 70% on an organic tea farm in the Northwest region of Vietnam, our Champagne Oolong (also known as Dong Fang Mei Ren, Oriental Beauty, or Eastern Beauty) is a bug-bitten tea that offers bright muscat, elderflower, and honey notes. Recommended for fans of mellow, floral, and sweet oolong teas.

Tasting Notes: honey, elderflower, muscatel


  • Temperature: 200°F / 93°C

  • Steep time: 2 min. teapot / 1 min gaiwan

Additional Information:

  • Type: Oolong, Single Origin

  • Cultivar: Qin Xin (pronounced “Cheeng-shin”), or Thanh Tam in Vietnamese

    • Note: Qin Xin, which translates into “Green Heart,” is a cultivar normally used for particularly floral oolong teas.

  • Origin: Hòa Bình

  • Harvest: May 2021

Ingredients: oolong tea

Best by: May 2023

Customer Reviews

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Sonel p.

light tasting oolong with a wonderful sweet flavor

Jon S.

An absolutely delicious Oolong! It also sent me down a rabbit hole learning about bug-bitten tea, which totally blew my mind. Look it up!