Sweet Rice Oolong 12

Sweet Rice Oolong 12

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A velvety smooth and fragrant tea with the comforting taste of sticky rice and rice milk, this Thai oolong is reminiscent of savory-sweet homemade Southeast Asian desserts—without the added sugar. Good for 6+ infusions when brewed Gong Fu style. Recommended for fans of Jin Xuan oolong tea—also called #12—which originated in Taiwan.


  • Origin: Chiang Rai, Thailand
  • Cultivar: Jin Xuan
  • Harvest date: April 2022
  • Serving size: 4–6 g per cup
  • Temperature: 195°F / 90°C
  • Recommended vessel: gaiwan or Yixing teapot
  • Ingredients: oolong tea
  • Caffeine level: Moderate

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
G. S.
So refreshing

This tea offering from Paru was so good. Very refreshing and light. The natural sweetness of the tea does remind me a bit of mochi. I would highly recommend this tea.

Lucy T.
The Perfect Flavor

A subtle but potent perfume exactly as described--milky rice, almost floral. Honestly, one of my favorite teas of all time for its perfect balance.

Katharine P.
Sooo Good

I love how fresh and light the tea tasted with the rice flavor. I love oolongs and this tasted so good. Will get again.

Lindsay G.
Lovely Oolong

I am incredibly partial to oolongs, and this tea is no exception. Add it to the list of enchanting oolong teas from Paru!

christine y.c.

I just had this sweet rice oolong and I am SO in love. please do not get rid of it. love the taste of the sweet rice!