Founder's Note: Happy One Month to Our New Shop!

Dear Friends,

I wanted to write a quick note to celebrate our first month as a shop! Paru just turned 2 years now and this has been one of the most exciting milestones we've achieved. Our store has made a dream of building a tea community and culture in San Diego more of a reality. We've learned so much from our customers and they've kept us going. Paru is a company I am proud to know where our products come from, why it's in our store and what makes it special through the light of our amazing international and local partners. Teas you see in store were shared with us on special trips and now we're proud to share them with our customers.  Tea blends that we've crafted with quality and creative ingredients. I guess to sum up the feeling, there's no greater joy than waking up to do something you know you're meant to be doing. 

Some highlights from opening the shop this past month: 

  1. I heard many San Diego natives say that tea rooms were places they would go to when they travel and that it was finally awesome that they have something like that here. 
  2. We've gotten to know and be friends with amazing, supportive businesses across the way in Point Loma and Shelter Island. We're also lucky to share our space with our friends + workspace partners Studio Luniste. They've become like family to us now. You all have!
  3. Our customers are the best. From the OG's since day 1 (literally, day 1 pop-up market at QuartyardSD) to new faces we're able to introduce to our store and now have become regulars. 
  4. New found appreciation for the little things. I’ve always been into details but making sure the store looks brand new every day, getting the right cleaner for the floor and making sure the shop plants aren’t dying.
  5. How much I love tea. How much I love sharing tea with you all. Every single day. 

And this is just the very beginning of an important part in our chapter. We’ve got so much exciting things in store and we couldn’t do it without you. Forever thankful. 



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