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Tea Diaries

  • Black Lives Matter: Our Commitment to Change

    We stand with our black community. ✊🏿

    At the heart of PARU's mission as a company has always been to celebrated diversity among our team members and customers.

    Our hearts have been heavy but more than that motivated to unite in this important fight for justice. We fight the long-term fight against systematic racism and police brutality. We fight because Black Lives Matter 
  • Mother's Day PARU Tea Gift Guide

    Send your love mom this Mother's Day by picking our special PARU gifts. When putting together this list, I had my mom in mind. She's one of my biggest inspirations behind PARU and a huge tea lover. I'm sharing some of her top tea picks below!

    Enjoy making a tea cocktail at home! Tea is often used in cocktails to give a boost in flavoring without overpowering your drink. Today, we’re maki...
  • Founder's Note: Life as a Small Business Through the Corona Virus Pandemic

    Note: Originally I wrote this as an Instagram post but found it hard not to condense, so I'll continue on as a blog. The last blog I wrote was when we just opened PARU a year ago, so this was actually kind of fitting. :) 


    Firstly, when you support us you also support all the small family owned tea farms we work with around the world - so THANK YOU  :) This is what we have set out on doing, to able to support small local businesses like you have supported us. 

  • Green Teas To Fortify Your Immune System

    Green teas are rich in antioxidants called Polyphenols. Polyphenols are efficient infection fighters. They are known to protect the body against potential viruses, infections and sickness.
  • Founder's Note: Happy One Month to Our New Shop!

    Dear Friends, I wanted to write a quick note to celebrate our first month as a shop! Paru just turned 2 years now and this has been one of the mos...
  • Studying, Tea, and Books Come Together in the Netherlands

    Since January we've had the pleasure of working with Femke, a Dutch blogger and Bookstagrammer who reviews media in both English and Dutch. A 20-year-old student, her Instagram is the epitome of cozy and our tea fits right in. We took some time to chat about tea, the tea world, and the Bookstagram sphere.

  • Our Boba Milk Tea Collaboration With Snoice

    On March 15th we had a special VIP tasting at Snoice, a shaved ice and boba dessert shop that, like us, won a Best of San Diego award. The menu debuted March 18th and will continue while supplies last.
  • How to Make Blue Rice

    We're all about making food more interesting! Or at least more blue. This is an easy task with our Butterfly Pea Flowers, which we use to give our Blue Chamomile its distinctive color. Watch and learn.

  • How to Make a Tea Latte

    A simple guide and recipe to enjoy a tea latte at home.
  • A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse at Our New Palo Santo Tea

    Surprise, yes, you can drink palo santo wood, which is burnt in stick form. You can make it a tea by steeping the wood shavings in hot water. (You can also drink sage, another commonly burned object. But we're not selling that...yet.)
  • Does chamomile actually make you sleepy?

    We decided to clear up some myths about what chamomile really does. Does it make you sleepy, and if so, how much and by what means? What all