Sourcing Lavender from Keys Creek Farm

Last month, the Paru team took a trip to Keys Creek Lavender Farm, located about an hour north of our office. It’s the only USDA-certified organic lavender farm in San Diego County, harvesting more than a dozen varieties of lavender across eight acres of land (about the size of eight football fields).

We were impressed by the atmosphere. From grand amenities like glamping yurts and a spiritual maze to simple touches like a tire swing and wooden signs, this place is a gem. Keys Creek is kind of like Paru—it’s not just a product, there’s an experience involved, too.

We stick with lavender because it’s a classic, time-tested tonic. When consumed hot, it can help with a wide range of issues including headaches, insomnia, fever, stress, cold symptoms, digestion problems, and pain. When applied topically, it soothes burns and cuts and brightens complexions.

Before leaving, we browsed their fragrance-heavy gift shop. They had every lavender product you could think of from essential oils, to bar soaps, to lemonade and honey. We thought their high-quality product would sit well in our teas. While lavender season is now over, we haven’t run out of the good stuff quite yet—you can still taste its rich aroma in our Earl Grey Lavender and Blue Chamomile teas.

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