Tea + Tarot: A Crystallized, Moon-Charged Tea Experience

Recently we took our tea to another level with our Tea + Tarot event. Working with mystical interior designer Rachel Larraine, we mixed our tea experience with horoscope readings, tarot cards, and crystals. We put on our event on August 5th at the Little Black House, our favorite quaint-but-stylish event space.

Amy and Rachel planned the event as they thought the ritualistic aspects of both tea and the metaphysical meshed well. The event was in full attendance and everyone showed up in outfits as decorative as the Starchild tarot we used. Some attendees were familiar with horoscopes, some were into tarot cards, and some were just tea lovers.

Rachel began with a lengthy meditation, which included a chakra-by-chakra ritual, a rose water spray, and crystal wands to modify everyone’s personal aura. She burned sage and palo santo and waved the smoke around with a peacock feather. Later, we at Paru brought out our selection of herbs. For this event, we created an herbal blend we named the 7 Chakra Tea. It mixed seven herbs, one meant to heal each chakra:

Crown / lavender

Fragrant, healing lavender = gracing crown chakra with enlightenment and inner peace

Third eye / mint

Decongesting, clearing mint = washing third eye and taking intuition to psychic levels

Throat / lemon

Eventful lemon zest = waking up throat chakra for power of expression and honesty

Heart / rose

Delicate rose = stirring your heart chakra for compassion, forgiveness, and love

Solar plexus / butterfly pea flower

Rich blue butterfly pea flower = escalating your solar plexus chakra for wisdom and empowerment

Sacral / hibiscus

Decadent, sexy hibiscus = activating your sacral chakra, origin of creativity and sexuality

Root / chamomile

Earthy, mellow chamomile =  grounding you in your root chakra, center of survival and security

The table split into three groups, steeping a communal blend in their own pitcher. Each brew turned a different shade of dark magenta. While everyone sipped their teas, Rachel gave an in-depth horoscope exploration. She went over her forecast for every sign, relating each one to a tarot card.

Everyone took home a horoscope-themed stone, a laminated tarot card, and a custom tea blend according to which of their chakras needed the most enhancement. This healing mix-and-match inspired us to create our own DIY chakra tea set, which we hope to stock in the near future.

Since the event was a wild success, we’re planning similar get-togethers, going in-depth with a smaller group of people. Join our mailing list to stay tuned.

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