Matcha: Premium-Grade Tea Powder
Matcha: Premium-Grade Tea Powder
Matcha: Premium-Grade Tea Powder
Matcha: Premium-Grade Tea Powder

Matcha: Premium-Grade Tea Powder

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Meticulously blended in Kyōtanabe from two types of samidori, a type of cultivar known for its balanced flavor, our premium matcha yields fresh grass and soft oceanic notes.

This matcha is suitable for preparing Americano style (with a tall serving of water) or baked goods and lattes.


  • Origin: Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan
  • Cultivar: Samidori
  • Artisan: Masa
  • Harvest: May 2023

Ingredients: matcha (ground green tea from tencha)

Caffeine level: moderate



  • Heat 2 oz (¼ cup) spring or filtered water to 175°F / 79°C. If preparing an iced version, you may use cool or cold water.
  • Sift ½ tsp (2–3 g) matcha into chawan (matcha bowl) or katakuchi (spouted bowl), then slowly pour in water.
  • Whisk briskly in a zig-zag motion for 15 sec or until froth appears. Alternatively, you may use an electric frother in a tall beaker.
  • Top with about 6 oz water.


    • Follow steps 1–3 for USUCHA.
    • Pour matcha into cup or glass along with 1 tsp maple syrup (optional).
    • Warm ¾ cup (6 oz) your choice of milk and add to matcha.


    • Follow steps 1–3 for USUCHA.
    • Fill cup with ice, Add ¾ cup (6 oz) your choice of milk (cold or room temperature).
    • Top with tea and gently swirl.

    About matcha (抹茶)

    Matcha is made from finely ground shade-grown tea leaves called "tencha." It contains about three times the antioxidants of regular green tea and is an excellent source for powerful catechins such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that are believed to have cleansing, anti-viral effects

    About premium matcha

    Premium matcha falls right in between ceremonial matcha—the highest grade, typically with a delicate flavor, meant to be consumed neat—and culinary matcha—which due to its intense flavor is best enjoyed when added to culinary creations.

    Note: In Japan, matcha is simply referred to as "matcha." The aforementioned grades are mainly used outside of Japan.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Audrey S.
    Perfect blend of flavors.

    Perfect blend of grassy and light. It’s at such a great price point too. Couldn’t be happier :)

    Mel N.
    This matcha sets the standard

    After moving away from San Diego, I've been searching for great matcha only to realize I've been comparing every cup with PARU's. My boyfriend decided to just go to the source and order me a bag from PARU, and now he makes sure it's always on stock because I can't live without it.

    Love being able to prepare a little matcha latte at home as a part of my daily morning routine.

    Brad S.
    The best matcha in San Diego.

    The only downside is that I am so spoiled by Paru matcha that I can’t drink anything else!

    Emily C.
    Love love love!

    I've been on a search to find the perfect matcha for myself. I used to buy these Amazon ones (super cheap) and had to add maple syrup and a lot of oat milk to help mask the taste of the matcha since it was poor quality. My friend recommended the matcha from PARU and I gave it a try and fell in love! I no longer need to add any maple syrup to my matcha lattes and only add a splash of oat milk for creaminess. The matcha quality is AMAZING and it taste so fresh. I already placed another order with them and waiting for it to come in. Very happy with my purchase and will definitely order more!

    Corinne B.
    Great Matcha!

    Having discovered Paru's teas in Point Loma last year, I've been hooked ever since! I love the Green Tea Matcha, and my son gifted me the Turmeric-Ginger Matcha for Christmas, which I also love!