Sugar Plum (Song Zhong, Medium Roast)

Sugar Plum (Song Zhong, Medium Roast)

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A Dancong oolong crafted and roasted by tea master Song Lin at his family farm in Guangdong, our Sugar Plum (Song Zhong) tea offers a bright, slightly floral profile with lingering notes of sugarcane and cantaloupe. We recommend tasting this medium roast Phoenix oolong alongside its heavy roast sister, Dark Sugar Plum, also by Song Lin.


  • Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China
  • Cultivar: Song Zhong
  • Artisan: Song Lin
  • Harvest date: April 2021
  • Serving size: 2–4 g per cup; 6-8 g for standard teapot
  • Recommended vessel: gaiwan, Yixing teapot, or miniature teapot

Ingredient(s): oolong tea

Caffeine level: moderate

For a deeper roast, try our Dark Sugar Plum.

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Michelle B.
Birthday gift for niece

She is 9 years old and was so excited to receive her tea set. She has wanted one since she was 7 years old. So thank you for your excellent service and prompt shipping.