2018 Holiday Gift Guide

We know it's hard to choose, so we handpicked some gift ideas ready to please any tea lover in your life!

1. Blooming Trio + Teapot

Three blooming tea ballsBlooming green tea flower in glass teapot 

These tea balls blossom into a beautiful flower and yield a floral green tea. They lose some of the fun if you don't have a glass teapot to watch them unravel in, but luckily we carry one with a built-in strainer!

2. A year of Paru Tea Box

Three tea gift set including Coconut Chai, Earl Grey, and Chrysanthemum. Next to wreaths and berriesBox of loose leaf teas and garnishes

A gift that seriously keeps on giving. Each monthly box comes with three carefully chosen teas, along with decorative garnishes (and sometimes candy!). Also available in a month-to-month subscription.

3. Chrysanthemum tea + two tea glasses

Chrysanthemum tea steeping in a tea glass next to holiday wreaths and berriesTea glasses on wooden plates

These beautiful chrysanthemum flowers make for a light, sweet tea. Watch them unfold in our quaint glass teacup.

4. Three Tea Collection

Three teas in bags including Blue Chamomile, Ginger Spiced Chai, and Hojicha

Excellent for those who thrive on variety or are just looking to expand their tea horizons. Get a Three Tea Collection in Black, Green, Herbal, Oolong, or Best Of editions.

5. Shibuya Mint + Travel Tumbler

Shibuya mint tea with hojicha green tea, verbena, peppermint, blue cornflowerDurable white travel tumbler from Kinto

A durable, urban tumbler and a modern tea named after an urban neighborhood. Sleek for the city-wise adventurer.

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