Paru Tea Box: The Whats, Whys and Hows

Hi everyone! We wanted to talk a little more about our new work of art, the Paru Tea Box. We’ve already been successful with our ecommerce, tea stand, and events, but we’ve decided to launch a subscription—why, you may ask? We hope you find these points illuminating:

  • Each tea box has a little bit of everything, and it goes with a variety of palettes. If you’re not into one of our teas, just give it to a friend!
  • Our Three Tea Collection has been ultra-popular on our online store, but our customers needed a little more variety.
  • It’s fun to get mail that isn’t Hallmark cards from your aunt or athletic wear catalogs you never subscribed to.
  • Each box is seasonal. The leaves and herbs will be in peak condition, and the flavors will go with the season. For example: we have pumpkin spice planned for October and peppermint planned for December.
  • Subscription boxes are the hip new thing. If you can get socks and millions of streaming songs on a subscription service, why not tea? (I mean, tea subscription boxes already existed, but we think ours is the best.)
  • We wanted people to feel like tea artists at home (hence the beautiful garnish packet).
  • We got a lot of comments from customers about how they wish we would deliver to them—it’s easy to forget to buy loose-leaf tea, especially when grocery stores are mostly stocked with sachets.
  • The box has a minimal but stylish design—the true Paru way.

You can sign up for the box here. We’re looking forward to spicing up your mail!

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