Sticky Rice Pandan, PARU Reserve

Sticky Rice Pandan, PARU Reserve

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The sweeter, herbal counterpart to our Pandan Waffle blend, Sticky Rice Pandan makes a splendid dessert tea anytime of day. Enjoy hot or as a cold brew. For the latter, add tisane to brew bottle (1–2 teaspoons per 6 oz water), fill with room temperature water, and refrigerate for 6–8 hours.

Ingredients: khao hom (sticky rice leaves), organic coconut, jujube, pandan


Hand-blended in small batches in the PARU Tea Lab in San Diego.

Customer Reviews

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Laurel N.
My New Dessert Tea

This has become one of my favorites and my new dessert tea for after lunch. Subtly sweet with amazing flavor!

Christine D.
Familiar yet subtle

I enjoyed the Asian flavors of pandan, coconut, and jujube but found the the favors were very subtle. I let this steep tea a lot longer to help release the full flavor since the first time I made it, there was very little flavor or color to the tea.

Adrienne H.
no review

can't give review as the tea was a Xmas gift

Mary J.L.
Love it!

Absolutely delicious and completely unique!!

Emily W.

This tea is so delicious I went back and bought more to give to someone as a gift (it was a big hit)! I would highly recommend it.