A Practical Holiday Gift Guide for Tea Lovers


Delight loved ones this holiday season with PARU premium teas, tisanes, and tea-inspired goods.

We source our single-origin teas from small farms in under represented regions around the world. Our blends are original and made in-house, so you can't find them anywhere else.

Browse our curated list below for easy shopping. All items available online and in-store at 3034 Cañon St in San Diego, CA.

For the Tea Lover

Premium Tea Subscription

    Monthly Tea Subscription at Paru Tea Bar

    Receive three carefully curated teas at the beginning of each month with our subscription service. Each delivery comes with two caffeinated teas, one tisane (or herbal tea), an information card, and a complimentary garnish. Our options include:

    Shop Premium Tea Subscriptions from $29.95


    Chiang Rai Collection

    Our CHIANG RAI COLLECTION features three organic Assam teas grown and handpicked in the remote Thai village of Wawee at 800–900 meters above sea level: white, green, and black. 



    For the Tea Curious

    Tea Flight Kit (Our No.1. Bestseller)

    Tea Flight Kit at Paru Tea Bar

    This kit includes:

    - 3 Loose Leaf Teas. Choose from a curated set:

    • Classic: Saigon Breakfast, Milk Oolong, Blue Chamomile
    • Black: Saigon Breakfast, London Grey, Black Hibiscus
    • Oolong: Iron Goddess, Milk Oolong, Honey Orchid
    • Green:  Moriuchi's Sencha, Dragonwell, Jasmine Wild
    • Tisane (non- caffeinated): Blue Chamomile, Coconut Chai, Citrus Mint

    - 10 PARU Filter Tea Bags

    - Complimentary Wooden Spoon

    - Tasting Guide & Tea Note Guide

    Shop Tea Flight Kits from $36


    For the New to Tea

    Kinto Unimug

    Kinto Unimug at Paru Tea Bar

    Kinto Unimug at Paru Tea Bar

    A sleek, modern setup for easy daily sipping. Enjoy loose leaf tea without the hassle.

    Shop KINTO Unimug from $19

    Tea Flight Kit: Classic


    Tea Flight Kit (Classic) at Paru Tea Bar

    We've already featured the Tea Flight Kit on this list but we highly recommend Classic for anyone who is new to tea and/or new to PARU.

    This kit includes three of our best-loved teas: Blue Chamomile (Herbal), Milk Oolong (Semi-Oxidized, in between green and black), and Saigon Breakfast (Black).

    Shop Tea Flight Kit (Classic) for $36

    For the Matcha Lover

    Ceremonial Matcha

    This month, we released 10K Ceremonial Matcha, sourced directly from the culturally rich prefecture of Kyoto. Compared to our single-origin Ceremonial Matcha from Mie, which offers a slightly nutty taste, 10K produces a sweet, smooth finish.

    Ceremonial matcha is meant to be prepared traditionally with a whisk and water. For those who prefer lattes, we recommend our Organic Culinary Matcha, which offers bolder notes that will come through when prepared with milk.

    Chasen (whisk) sold separately: Daily Chasen ($19) | Takayama Chasen ($42)

    Shop our Ceremonial Matcha for $45

    Ceremonial Matcha Set

    The best way to enjoy ceremonial matcha is with a traditional set. Our set includes locally handmade ceramics from San Diego-based partner MAEK:

    • Matcha Bowl (chawan)
    • Matcha Whisk Holder
    • Matcha Whisk (chasen)
    • PARU Ceremonial Matcha

    PARU x MAEK Ceremonial Matcha Tea & Teaware Set

    PARU Ceremonial Matcha


    Paru Tea Bar Ceremonial Matcha from Japan



    Shop Ceremonial Matcha Set for $150

    Golden Turmeric Matcha (Seasonal)



    Does the matcha lover on your list already have everything matcha? Surprise them with our superfood rich Golden Turmeric Matcha.

    In addition to turmeric and matcha, this blend features cinnamon, ginger, and ground pepper, making it the punchiest tea in our repertoire.

    Shop Golden Turmeric Matcha (6.5 oz) for $32

    For the Oolong Lover

    Oolong teas are semi-oxidized, somewhere between black (fully oxidized) and green (not oxidized), and offer some of the most complex flavor profiles.

    Tea Flight Kit - Oolong

    Our Oolong kit includes three classic teas with distinct flavor profiles: Iron Goddess (classic, slightly floral), Milk Oolong (sweet, creamy, buttery), and phoenix oolong Honey Orchid (lychee, stonefruit).

    Tea Flight Kit (Oolong) at Paru Tea Bar

    Shop Tea Flight Kit (Oolong) for $42

    For a Housewarming

    PARU Tea Light Candle by 1502

    Smells of fresh cotton and white tea. Topped with our house-blend of our white tea leaves, rose, marigolds and cornflower. 

    Shop the PARU Tea Light Candle (12 oz) for $36

    PARU x MAEK Teacups - Set of 2

    The only thing more comforting than a cup of tea is a handmade teacup to enjoy it in. Also custom made by our partners at MAEK with a natural white glaze, this teacup set will be tempting to keep for yourself.

    Ceramic Teacups at Paru Tea Bar

    Shop PARU x Maek 6 oz Teacups (Set of 2) for $39

    KINTO Tea Tray

    You'll be surprised at the wonderful ways in which a simple tray can elevate your tea drinking experience. This KINTO tea tray fits 1–2 cups comfortably.

    Shop KINTO Tea Tray for $15


    KINTO Glass Teapot

    Kinto Glass Teapot at Paru Tea Bar

    Use this teapot for a streamlined, visually arresting tea experience. We stock a glass pot so you can witness the beauty of steeping tea.

    Shop KINTO Glass Teapot for $39


    For the Sweet Tooth

    Hojicha Chocolate Bar

    Handcrafted with premium French chocolate, hojicha, and toasted rice by chocolatier and confectioner Deux Cranes, this chocolate bar makes the perfect stocking stuffer and sells out early every year.

    Pre-order Hojicha Chocolate Bar for $12

    Earl Grey & Lavender Dark Chocolate Bar (Vegan)

    Also made in partnership with Deux Cranes, our Earl Grey & Lavender Dark Chocolate Bar is packed with soothing, floral notes.

    Earl Grey & Lavender Dark Chocolate Bar at Paru Tea Bar

    Pre-order Earl Grey & Lavender Dark Chocolate Bar for $12

    Hojicha + Matcha Milk Jam Set (Set of 2)

    Made with Uji matcha or hojicha (roasted green tea), plus beet sugar and Hokkaido milk, these jams will make a delightfully sweet addition to toast, crackers, or ice cream. We recommend you purchase early—we sold out of our first run the day we released them.

    Tea Milk Jams at Paru Tea Bar

    Shop Hojicha + Matcha Milk Jam Set for $29

    Okinawa Sugar

     Okinawa Sugar at Paru Tea Bar

    Made with three standout ingredients—wakoucha (aged Japanese red tea), Formosa oolong, and Okinawan black sugar crystals—this blend offers a satisfyingly sweet, biscuit-like flavor. This tea makes for a truly special afternoon tea. Try it iced with one-fifth milk for a creamy treat.

    Shop Okinawa Sugar from $24


    For the Baker

    Culinary Matcha

    This powder is perfect, pretty matcha in everything. Try it in baking, smoothies, ice cream, and iced matcha drinks

    Shop Culinary Matcha (8.5 oz) for $39

    Hojicha Powder

    Hojicha Powder at Paru Tea Bar

    From lattes to scones to chiffon cakes to gelato, the possibilities are endless with our Japanese roasted green tea powder.

    Shop Hojicha Powder (8 oz) for $39

    Earl Grey Lavender

    Earl Grey Lavender at Paru Tea Bar

    Infuse the butter in your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe with our Earl Grey Lavender tea leaves for a sumptuous, elevated batch.

    Shop Earl Grey Lavender from $18


    For Anyone Who Misses Japan

    Moriuchi's Sencha (Bestseller)

    My partner and I used to study, live, and work in Japan. Whenever we are feeling nostalgic, which is often, we put on a pot of Moriuchi's Sencha (sourced from our friend's award-winning farm in Shizuoka), and it instantly takes us back to the teahouses and restaurants there. This classic Japanese green tea is also great for digestion.

    Shop Moriuchi's Sencha from $24

    To Surprise and Delight (Single Bags)

    The holidays aren't the holidays without a pot of tea. Here are some teas and tisanes that I personally enjoy with my family around Christmastime and the new year.

    Blue Chamomile (Bestseller)

    Blue Chamomile Tea at Paru Tea Bar

    Violet Chamomile Tea at Paru Tea Bar

    Why I love it: You can drink multiple cups without worrying about the caffeine because there is none! 

    This well-rounded blend is offered at local restaurants like Hachi Ramen and Azuki Sushi in Bankers Hill. We've had a handful of people try the tea after dinner and later walk into PARU to tell us that Blue Chamomile is the best tea they've ever had. We're so grateful and humbled by this, and we're happy to be able to offer such a lovely experience.

    More about Blue Chamomile: An original herbal tea blend that steeps blue-violet because it's made with a natural Thai herb, butterfly pea flower. Add a bit of lemon and watch your tea turn from blue to violet to pink. 

    Shop Blue Chamomile at Paru Tea Bar from $18

    Milk Oolong (Bestseller)


     Milk Oolong at Paru Tea Bar

    Why I love it: The aroma is heavenly—almost addicting—and the flavor is naturally sweet. Oolong teas are also great for digestion.

    An unassuming oolong with a naturally sweet and creamy flavor


    Shop Milk Oolong from $24

    Pandan Waffle

    Why I love it: It was inspired by my memory of sweet Vietnamese desserts, chè ba màu or  “three-color dessert.”

    This blend is made from Assam wild green tea from Chiang Rai and mixed with nostalgic ingredients like roasted sticky rice, coconut, pandan, and jujube.

    Shop Pandan Waffle at Paru Tea Bar from $36

    Yuzu Chai (Seasonal)


    Why I love it: If you're sensitive to spices like me but still want to enjoy a holiday chai, this sweet, citrusy option is perfect.

    Wild black tea and aromatic spices in this blend are all sourced from Vietnam. Sweet citrus notes from yuzu uplift this chai and keeps you feeling warm and brisk.

    Shop Yuzu Chai at Paru Tea Bar from $42

    Find more gifts for tea lovers on our website.

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