Tea Diaries

  • Tea + Tarot: A Crystallized, Moon-Charged Tea Experience

    Recently we took our tea to another level with our Tea + Tarot event. Working with mystical interior designer Rachel Larraine, we mixed our tea experience with horoscope readings, tarot cards, and crystals.
  • Paru Tea Box: The Whats, Whys and Hows

    We wanted to talk a little more about our new work of art, the Paru Tea Box. We’ve already been successful with our ecommerce, tea stand, and events, but we’ve decided to launch a subscription—why, you may ask? We hope you find these points illuminating.
  • Top Staff Tea Picks

    We asked everyone on our staff to pick their favorite Paru tea and explain why they love it. As it turns out, these teas are pretty meaningful to us.

  • Promoting Corporate Culture: An HG Fenton Tea Experience

    We had the pleasure of holding a tea workshop for HG Fenton, a local real estate company.

  • Sourcing Lavender from Keys Creek Farm

    Last month, the Paru team took a trip to Keys Creek Lavender Farm, located about an hour north of our office. It’s the only USDA-certified organic lavender farm in San Diego County, harvesting more than a dozen varieties of lavender across eight acres of land (about the size of eight football fields).
  • Tea As Medicine: Sensorium Art Installation

    Last weekend, we participated in the Sensorium Art Installation, a series of immersive, multi-sensory art experiences held inside the Idea1 apartments. San Diego-based art nonprofit Vanguard Culture hosted the event, and we collaborated with featured artist Melissa Browder Beck. Her piece involved a medicine cabinet filled with flowers and take-home tea. This installation highlighted tea’s attributes of health, comfort, and routine.
  • Hot Finds: Paru Tea Bar x San Diego Home/Garden Giveaway!

    We're in the March issue of San Diego Home/Garden this month and partnered up with them in a giveaway for a chance to win some San Diego made tea!...
  • Featured Tea: Coconut Chai

    Our Coconut Chai tea made it to Micro Meet Up Founder's Pick for the month of January 2018. We love being a part of your daily self love and care routine. the coconut chai is made up of entirely free of any artificial or "natural" flavors. It's hand blended with organic South African rooibos, raw coconut shavings, cardamom and ginger root. What's not to love about this blend along with other beauty favorites? 
  • Paru x Art Produce: Local Community Urban Farming

    We're so excited to announce our #community partnership with Art Produce! Art produce is a non-profit community cultural center that connects artists, cultural organizations, schools, urban farmers and businesses. The Art Produce Garden has a sustainable rainwater catchment  and PV solar energy system that won the 2011 Orchid Award. We're teamed up with them to raise awareness and encourage sustainable practices for San Diego's community environment.
  • Paru Tea Bar on CBS8 News

    We're excited to share a news segment we were featured on for the San Diego Made Holiday Market at Liberty Station, this Saturday 11/18 from 11-4pm! News anchor Heather Myers tasted our teas and approved. 
  • Paru x Apothebeauty: Flower Revolution Tea Blending + Essential Oil Workshop

    Last Saturday, we co-hosted our very first tea-blending workshop with Apothebeauty and had an amazing time. We started with a tasting, in which we explained the basics of black, green, and herbal tea. From there, our guests selected a base and Lotus Wei flower elixir to use for their custom blend.
  • Tea Tasting in Tokyo

    Two weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to take a brief trip to Japan, where I was able to visit a a few teahouses. I even paid a visit to a tea far...