Tea Diaries

  • Our Boba Milk Tea Collaboration With Snoice

    On March 15th we had a special VIP tasting at Snoice, a shaved ice and boba dessert shop that, like us, won a Best of San Diego award. The menu debuted March 18th and will continue while supplies last.
  • How to Make Blue Rice

    We're all about making food more interesting! Or at least more blue. This is an easy task with our Butterfly Pea Flowers, which we use to give our Blue Chamomile its distinctive color. Watch and learn.

  • How to Make a Tea Latte

    A simple guide and recipe to enjoy a tea latte at home.
  • A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse at Our New Palo Santo Tea

    Surprise, yes, you can drink palo santo wood, which is burnt in stick form. You can make it a tea by steeping the wood shavings in hot water. (You can also drink sage, another commonly burned object. But we're not selling that...yet.)
  • Does chamomile actually make you sleepy?

    We decided to clear up some myths about what chamomile really does. Does it make you sleepy, and if so, how much and by what means? What all
  • 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

    We know it's hard to choose, so we handpicked some holiday gift ideas ready to please any tea lover in your life!

  • 6 Ways to Reduce (or Increase!) Caffeine in Your Tea

    For every person who only drinks black tea for maximum focus, there’s someone who only drinks herbal tea since caffeine gives them a headache. But it’s less simple than choosing a type of tea and sticking with it.
  • A Guide to Every Type of Tea

    We get all sorts of questions about the different types of tea. What does it mean if tea is black as opposed to green? Is herbal tea actually tea? Does red tea even exist? We've written this blog post to demystify the colors.

  • An Inside Look At Our ADC Collaboration

    An interview with Paru founder Amy Truong and co-founder Kris Warren from An’s Dry Cleaning. We got the details about the tea and gelato infusing experience.

  • Finding Gol-tea-locks, or, a New York City Tea Tasting

    Hey there, this is Catherine, a Paru summer intern, and I’m here to review some New York tea rooms. While I’ve always been into tea, interning here has opened my eyes to all the distinctions that make me a slightly informed critic. So while vacationing in Manhattan with family, I decided to head out and see what NY has to offer. As I learned: whatever you want to buy or eat, Manhattan has a really, really good version of it. And this does not exclude tea by any means.

  • Tea + Tarot: A Crystallized, Moon-Charged Tea Experience

    Recently we took our tea to another level with our Tea + Tarot event. Working with mystical interior designer Rachel Larraine, we mixed our tea experience with horoscope readings, tarot cards, and crystals.
  • Paru Tea Box: The Whats, Whys and Hows

    We wanted to talk a little more about our new work of art, the Paru Tea Box. We’ve already been successful with our ecommerce, tea stand, and events, but we’ve decided to launch a subscription—why, you may ask? We hope you find these points illuminating.